Trinidad - Day 2

Good morning, Station One!

Refugees welcome! The government has setup a food and shelter program for anyone surviving the destruction of New Constantinople.

The JumpGate was destroyed yesterday, likely from a Sesheyan plot. The gate collapsed as an exploding ship activated a jump. Authorities believe that the ship was a sleeper that jumped in with the refugee ships from New Constantinople, and was set with a timer to jump back through the gate simultaneously detonating. The gate’s destruction has effectively cut off the system of Trinidad from New Constantinople.

The Navy graciously decided last night to step in and subdue the little bit of tension everyone was feeling. The shopkeepers affected by the looting will be reimbursed by the Station up to and including the cost of ammunition and hired help. The lifts throughout the station are under strict supervision, and no one may travel along them without Naval permission. Shop owners and upper level administrators are permitted to use the lifts for today to get their affairs in order, then everyone will be asked to register with the Naval Command for travel papers.

Trinidad - Day 2

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