The Path Chosen

The Meeting - 11 Dollar Tower
Day 1

Mavin, the charismatic doctor, and RT, the stranded pilot, decide to head down to the local bar for a drink. They stop a small bar fight by teaming up with Gamork and Kregar, two warriors looking for work. They drag the bartender back to the doctor’s clinic, where they alert emergency officials to pick him up (after the doctor stabilizes him).

They are approached by a man claiming to be from the government. He asks them to break into 11 Dollar Tower and open up the basement warehouse so government trucks can steal enough food to prevent riots from breaking out around the city. The local authorities simply do not have enough money or resources to pay for it all, and the owner of the tower will no negotiate, so stealing is their only option.

Mavin has an apartment in 11 Dollar Tower, so they all head there to wait till midnight. While they are waiting, the wall to the apartment is destroyed by tunnelers seeking to kidnap the characters and hold them for living money. The characters fight through the tunnelers, finding a whole string of apartments turned into a prison holding a half dozen prisoners. They call the authorities, who come and free the prisoners, making the characters into heroes.

The team is put up in a penthouse suite, where they wait till midnight. Kregor leaves, and is approached by an man claiming to offer three times the rate the government man is offering to blow up 11 Dollar Tower. After Kregor is assured that the bomb with go off several hours after the delivery, he agrees, planning to get paid twice for the same job.

The team heads into the basement, and find all the expected food ready to be loaded. They get Kregor to interface with and disable the cameras, and open the doors slightly. Gamork reaches under and grabs the two guards standing on the outside of the door. Unfortunately, cameras on the other side catch the guards being pulled under, and the authorities are alerted. Kregor sneaks around and places the charges, but RT notices them. The team confronts Kregor, who denies all knowledge of the bomb. The police show up, now even more ready from the night’s earlier adventures.

The team decides to flee, but tells the desk they saw a bomb, so the building evacuates. They head back to the clinic to hide, and as they reach the front door, the building explodes, destroying the entire warehouse of food and the most prominent building in the city.

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